Tach and Hobbs.

So simple, yet so powerful.

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The schedule.

See an open slot. Book a reservation.

This is the heart of Tach and Hobbs. From the very first time you and your pilots log in, you will be impressed by the modern, simple, professional look. On a thoughtfully laid out screen, see the availability of all aircraft and instructors. Aircraft and instructor reservations, maintenance, downtime, non-working hours are all clearly represented.

Click and drag on the schedule to create a new reservation. Click to change or delete an existing reservation. Tach and Hobbs can then automatically push the reservation to a calendar such as Google. So simple!

Creating reservations.

Click. Drag. Save. Done.

The event builder opens after you have chosen your time on the schedule, or you can open the builder and make your selections directly. Verify your time, aircraft, instructor, pilot, and Save!

Start typing to search for matching aircraft, pilots, and instructors. Or just choose from the list. Either way, Tach and Hobbs makes it quick and easy.

Each time you make a selection, the entire reservation is automatically validated so you instantly know of any conflicts. How smart is that?!?

Managing your account.

Everything is just a click or two away.

Whether you need to invite a new pilot or instructor, update an email address, or bring a new aircraft online, you won't have to look far. Just head over to the menu in the upper right hand corner, give it a click, and you'll find exactly what you are looking for. Just because you don't need to do something every day does not mean it should be difficult when you do.


Lunch? Annual Inspection?

If an instructor is unavailable for an hour for a quick appointment, or a week at Oshkosh, scheduling downtime is a snap. Same goes for an aircraft undergoing an oil change, or a new paint job. A few simple clicks ensures instructors and aircraft are not available to be booked for any duration you choose.

We all need a Suggestion now and then.

Tach and Hobbs will find a time that works.

With old-fashioned scheduling systems, sometimes a pilot attempts to book a reservation, finds their choice unavailable, and gives up. This means lost revenue for you. Whether a pilot needs to book a popular instructor, an extended window for a long cross country, or a flight on a summer weekend, Tach and Hobbs will help find a time slot that meets their needs. This means increased business for you, through increased utilization of your aircraft. Click "Suggest" and Tach and Hobbs will take it from there.

Adding a new pilot is not rocket science.

Email + First Name + Last Name = Done.

When you sign up a new pilot or instructor, adding them to Tach and Hobbs is quick and easy. Enter their basic information and click "Invite."

Next, set aircraft permissions as necessary. The new pilot receives an email from Tach and Hobbs with simple instructions to get logged in, and can start scheduling and flying right away. This equals more bookings for you!

Everything you wanted to know about your pilots.

Well, almost everything.

It is important to keep up-to-date information on your pilots. Everything from email address, phone number, and dates of last medical and biennial flight review. Tach and Hobbs makes tracking this information easy for you and your pilots.

All of a pilot's upcoming reservations are available on a single tab, making review and changes a breeze.

Different pilots have earned different flying privileges in different aircraft. Everyone may be able to fly the 172 dual with a qualified instructor, but not everyone can fly the Citabria or Skylane solo. Tach and Hobbs allows you to set both general and pilot- specific permissions and enforces them when pilots schedule time.


View and export your most valuable asset: Data.

Tach and Hobbs makes your data available to you so that you can make good business decisions. Want to compare usage of your Skyhawks vs. Archers? See which instructors earn the most repeat business? Which pilots are your most frequent customers, and which have been flying less recently? Tach and Hobbs allows you to view and export your data to spreadsheets like Excel.

No one can work 24/7.

Introducing Working Hours.

Instructors can manage their regular working hours with ease. Outside of regular working hours, the schedule appears unavailable to pilots, and they are unable to reserve the instructor's time. Of course, instructors and administrators are free to reserve the instructor's time outside of normal working hours.

Your aircraft have a past. And a present. And a future.

Tach and Hobbs will help you keep it all straight.

Make, model, equipment suffix, fuel capacity. All important details for your pilots to have when scheduling so they can file accurate flight plans. Tach and Hobbs tracks all of this information and much more. Need to take an aircraft offline for urgent maintenance? Easily see all upcoming reservations, and just click on them to move them to another aircraft. Your pilots will receive an email notifying them of the change. Tach and Hobbs works hard so you don't have to.

Tach and Hobbs is a complete reboot of the way you schedule your aircraft, instructors, and pilots.

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