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See how flight schools work in Tach and Hobbs.

  • Sign in as "Bob", an owner/admin at a flight school. Bob can create and edit reservations for pilots and instructors, update account information, add aircraft, invite new pilots, grant pilot privileges and view reports.

  • Sign in as "Kate", an instructor at a flight school. Kate can create and edit reservations for herself and for any student who has at least dual privileges in the flight school's aircraft.

  • Sign in as "John", a student pilot at a flight school. John can create and edit reservations for himself, but he must include an instructor because he doesn't have solo privileges in any of the flight school's aircraft.


Easy to use without compromises.

Running a flight school or FBO has its difficulties, but scheduling doesn't have to be one of them. Add or modify a reservation on the schedule. Check out a pilot in a new airplane. Block out a helicopter for maintenance. Bring a new simulator online. Tach and Hobbs allows you to accomplish these and more in just a few clicks. Get back to doing what you do best: serve your customers!

Simulators? Welcome!

We've just made your job much easier.

Does your flight school have multiple aircraft configurations for its RedbirdTM simulator or other AATD? Steam gauge and G1000®? C-182 and Bonanza®? Tach and Hobbs has been designed to make scheduling the various configurations simple. Your students book the configuration they prefer; we ensure that only one configuration can be booked at a time. Tach and Hobbs is the only flight school scheduling system built with simulators in mind.


Find a time that works.

For customers of your flight school or FBO, finding an open time slot on the schedule with a popular instructor in a popular aircraft can be difficult. Tach and Hobbs makes it easy by suggesting time slots that meet their needs. The scheduling system will find available reservations of the right length, with the right instructor, and with a suitable aircraft. This will not only please your students and staff, but will also increase bookings!


Your data, there when you need it.

Your flight school depends on its online scheduling software to keep business running smoothly. You have customers to serve; downtime is just not an option. Our servers run on the same infrastructure that powers leading sites like Amazon.com. Our fully redundant infrastructure keeps your data safe and sound.


Wherever you go, there we are.

Your instructors and pilots lead busy lives and a computer is not always nearby. Fortunately, Tach and Hobbs is mobile enabled. Your pilots can reserve aircraft and instructors any time, anywhere. Your flight school's instructors can view their schedule, any time, anywhere. This helps keep your aircraft airborne, where they belong.


Up-to-date everything.

Tach and Hobbs is fully integrated with the calendaring tools you, your pilots, and instructors already use. Create, modify, or cancel a reservation on the schedule, and it automatically syncs to your Google GmailTM, Apple CalendarTM or Microsoft OutlookTM calendar. Wow your flight school's pilots with superior technology!


Relax, you're in the left seat.

Tach and Hobbs lets you define a set of flight school scheduling rules, and then enforces them automatically. Choose which pilots can fly each aircraft solo or with an instructor. Allow certain aircraft to only be flown dual with an instructor. Set working hours for an instructor, ensuring they can only be scheduled during those times. With just a few clicks, be confident that your rules are enforced automatically.


Never miss an event again.

Tach and Hobbs emails and sends calendar invitations to students and renter pilots of upcoming reservations, minimizing no-shows. Your flight school's instructors also get an email and calendar invite when students book their time, minimizing surprises and conflicts on the schedule. Reduce broken appointments and keep your fleet in the air!

Tach and Hobbs flight school scheduling software was built from the ground up for Fixed Base Operators (FBO), Flight Schools, University Flying Clubs, and other organizations that rent airplanes, helicopters, flight simulators, gliders, light sport and other aircraft, and/or offer flight instruction. Tach and Hobbs has the ideal feature set to make running your aviation business dirt simple at an affordable price. Tach and Hobbs supports your students, flight instructors, administrators, line staff, A&P mechanics, and front desk staff.

Tach and Hobbs is a complete reboot of the way you schedule your aircraft, instructors, and pilots.

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