Aircraft partnerships. Always know who has the keys.  

Take it for a spin!

See how partnerships work in Tach and Hobbs.

  • Sign in as "Daniel", a 1/4th partner in an aircraft partnership. Daniel can create and edit reservations for himself or any other partner, update account information, add a second aircraft, invite new partners and view reports.


You already know how to use it.

Reserving your shared ownership aircraft is simple. If you can send an email or post on Facebook, you can use Tach and Hobbs. The system makes it easy to manage your aircraft's schedule to allow you to get off the ground quickly, while avoiding conflicts with other partners. Add a reservation with one click. Extend an existing reservation with a second click. See what your partners are up to with a third. All that in only three clicks. Super simple!


We'll keep you posted.

Tach and Hobbs makes it easy to share your aircraft partnership schedule with each of your members, simplifying communication and maximizing flying time. We'll send you an email and a calendar invitation when you schedule your aircraft. We can also send all partners a notification when the aircraft is scheduled if you choose. Numerous options to keep you informed!

Single login.

Sign up once. See everything.

When your flight school or independent instructor uses Tach and Hobbs, see their schedule and yours side-by-side. Receive and accept an invitation from any other Tach and Hobbs user, and you're all set. You can even login to the system using your Google account, so you don't need to remember another username and password. We have thought of everything!


Wherever you go, there we are.

You and your partners are busy people. A computer is not always nearby. Fortunately, Tach and Hobbs is mobile enabled. You can reserve your aircraft and view others' upcoming reservations from your mobile device any time, anywhere. Extend your current reservation; let your partners know you are running late from 10,000 feet MSL.


Find a time that works.

Particularly with larger partnerships, finding an open time slot for a long weekend trip in the summer can be difficult. Tach and Hobbs makes it easy by showing you a list of potential reservation times that meets your needs. The system will find available reservations of the right length, and allow you to choose one that works best. This will not only save you time, but also increase aircraft utilization!

Tach and Hobbs simplifies aircraft partnership scheduling for your partnership, airplane fractional ownership, aircraft co-op, cooperative, or any other aircraft sharing relationship by improving the communication among your partners. Whether you have one partner or twenty, Tach and Hobbs keeps your aircraft partnership schedule running smoothly. Scheduling usage, maintenance reminders, mobile alerts, cost sharing calculations, biennial flight review reminders, and medical exam reminders are all expertly handled by Tach and Hobbs saving you time and money. Tach and Hobbs manages your airplane, helicopter, glider, light-sport, experimental, and any other aircraft.

Tach and Hobbs is a complete reboot of the way you schedule your aircraft, instructors, and pilots.

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